New Album! – ‘Petra Goes To The Movies’


Petra Haden’s wondrous new album Petra Goes To The Movies offers a one of a kind opportunity to experience some cinematic soundtracks in an extraordinary new way. Epic and evocative scores have been ingeniously recreated utilizing layers of remarkably inventive vocals. Far from a mere novelty, these interpretations retain every bit of emotional resonance and inspirational might as the originals.

Out this January 22 via Anti-, the album features Petra Haden, a highly regarded session musician and former member of That Dog, delivering a cappella versions of songs from films such as Rebel Without A Cause, Taxi Driver, Superman and more.

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5 thoughts on “New Album! – ‘Petra Goes To The Movies’”

  1. Heard you speak on NPR – what a wonderful voice – impressive. In my opinion if more chickens sounded like your voice, less chickens would be eaten :-)

  2. I am sitting waiting for a movie to start and what do I hear – Petra amazing voice – filling the theatre. I was so impressed by your renderings that I had to learn more. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift. You have earned another follower keep moving, growing, and sharing your soul with all of us.

  3. Heard your interview on NPR, you were a boot! No, a HOOT. Silly iPhone spellchecker. I loved hearing you go full-nerd about Superman, one of the all time best to be sure. And it’s so cool that you did the Krypton theme too! Much geek cred for that. As soon as I heard that snippet of your Superman rendition during the interview I immediately bought the album on iTunes (and yes I really bought it – I didn’t even check the file sharing sites!). You deserve to be supported. Now we just need to clone you a dozen times so you can perform the record live… Anyway awesome, creative work and I look forward to the sequel. “Petra Strikes Back,” maybe? You can do an album that features instrumental versions of popular Acapella songs :-)

    1. Please forgive the late reply to your message. Thank you so much for your support. That means a lot to me!

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