Paul Motian: The Windmills of Your Mind – review


…But over that, Motian has cannily placed the limpid, quietly evocative voice of Charlie Haden’s vocalist daughter Petra – an artist more usually associated with alt-rock and a capella work. Haden imaginatively inhabits these songs, delivering a definitively unvarnished version of the title track over Motian’s snuffling brushwork and Morgan’s huge bass sound, and unfolding tenderly revealing accounts of Easy Living and I Loves You Porgy…..

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One thought on “Paul Motian: The Windmills of Your Mind – review”

  1. I just have to say: after listening to Paul Motian’s later work constantly over the past year, and then suddenly hearing of his recent passing, I ran out and purchased this, his last album . . . and what a quietly lovely piece of work it is. I adore the contributions made by all four participants, more than I can say. But I cannot imagine a more appropriate, more heartfelt, or more simply beautiful voice than that of Petra Haden’s to hear soaring over this wonderful, melancholy music. Thank you so much for singing so well on this CD, and for helping me say goodbye to one of my favorite musicians.

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